We will always take our animals back if you do not get on with them


It may take weeks, months or Years for an animal to settle down.

Same Daily Routine is the most helpful in settling down your new adoptee quickly.

Daily exercise is most important preferably at the same time and before feeding.

We will always be registered on the animals Microchip details

We have more animals for Adopting companion ponies, dogs, cats, rabbits

Older animals, staffies, rotties, greyhounds and black and white cats are really hard to home. Please give them a chance colour or type does not make them any less loving. Only the way the owner treats them.

Please remember we can only give you what information we have learned or know about the animals. Some maybe strays or the owners have passed away.

Linda Lou

11 yr old neutered female Patterdale very timid but friendly. Owner is not very well never lived with children or other animals.

is a 5yr old male paperwork says Cocker spaniel owner too old to look after him properly, nice dog although very nervy not good at sharing house with other dogs.


he is an young male Bull Terrier cross English Pointer cross German Pointer cross Staffie.
well behaved good with kids. Been to dog training.

Teddy and Molly TO GO TOGETHER

Neutered male Springer Spaniel middle age black & white came in with Molly been together since they were pups. Unfortunately the owner passed away and the next adoptee decided they no longer wanted them. So far no issues.

Needs to live without other dogs cats and maybe a single person home.
Bailey is an 8 yr old Field Cocker spaniel good dog in every way except he is over possessive with the ex owner's husband. He wont let anyone or any other dog near him & attacks if any tries to go near him. They have been struggling with this problem for 8 yrs. He is only like that when the husband is in the house he is fine when he is out & about.



was brought in by a guy who says he found her tied up with a note attached. The owner has apparently died & no-one can take this dog on according to the note. She has a cauliflower ear and an ear infection. She has a few lumps but she is going back to the vets to see if they're malignant or not. If they are not then she'll need the 4 bigger ones removing and to add she's has a skin condition too.


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