We will always take our animals back if you do not get on with them


It may take weeks, months or Years for an animal to settle down.

Same Daily Routine is the most helpful in settling down your new adoptee quickly.

Daily exercise is most important preferably at the same time and before feeding.

We will always be registered on the animals Microchip details

We have more animals for Adopting companion ponies, dogs, cats, rabbits

Older animals, staffies, rotties, greyhounds and black and white cats are really hard to home. Please give them a chance colour or type does not make them any less loving. Only the way the owner treats them.

Please remember we can only give you what information we have learned or know about the animals. Some maybe strays or the owners have passed away.

Homing Cats

Boe and Bell

Been living as strays in someone's garden. Both nice cats we think they might be brother & sister. To be re-homed together as they are very close.  Just scared at the moment both very scabby hopfully the flea treatment will sort this.

Gypsy and Puddles

Are to be rehomed together. Gypsy is the dark torti female and Puddles is the white. Came to the sanctuary as Unfortunately their owner has passed away.


is a 18 month old male. He is a lovely cat very friendly and affectionate. Brought to the sanctuary as the kids kept pestering him.


We were called out to this cat as it was all caught up in a football net,. It is very fierce. One of its ears has been clipped so we think it might be a feral that cats protection have neutered & released.


came in with Sami. She is a neutered female approx. 4-5 yrs old. Unfortunately ex Owner can no longer care for them.


is an 8-9 yr old neutered male who is very shy. He was brought in with Shelina but they don't seem to have an attachment to each other. Sadly the Ex Owner can no longer care for them.


was brought in as a stray. A lady found her living in her shed she looks about 3-5 months old. She is not chipped, friendly but can be fierce when she wants.

Ginger and Blackie

Both neutered males, both 4 yrs old. To be rehomed together as house cats. both very timid & shy usually sat literally on top of each other or facing the wall but not nasty or aggressive. Unfortunately Elderly owner passed away.


is 3 yrs old Beauty and Tina came in together but can be split. Both very timid owner not well don't have to be homed together.We think they were house cats.


is 3 yrs old Beauty and Tina came in together but can be split. Both very timid owner not well don't have to be homed together.We think they were house cats.


is a 8 yr old female Eric is very shy & timid but a nice cat.

Louis and Knoxville Both are house cats and to be re-homed together.

are both 7 yr old female neutered both very shy & timid at the moment Their ex owners split up & neither can keep.


4-5 years old neutered male. Black DLH possible ex feral. A bit grumpy at the moment.

is a 2 and a half yr old male owner has severe COPD so cant keep him any more. He is a bit hissy but we believe he will be okay when he's settled down.


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