We will always take our animals back if you do not get on with them


It may take weeks, months or Years for an animal to settle down.

Same Daily Routine is the most helpful in settling down your new adoptee quickly.

Daily exercise is most important preferably at the same time and before feeding.

We will always be registered on the animals Microchip details

We have more animals for Adopting companion ponies, dogs, cats, rabbits

Older animals, staffies, rotties, greyhounds and black and white cats are really hard to home. Please give them a chance colour or type does not make them any less loving. Only the way the owner treats them.

Please remember we can only give you what information we have learned or know about the animals. Some maybe strays or the owners have passed away.

Rodents, Birds, Ferrets, reptiles and Odd Bods for Homing

Tea and Biscuit

Tea (albino) male Biscuit (sable) female both around 3 months old. Will be
neutered and chipped very friendly & well handled ex owner now works away & cant keep.


is around 4 months old female hamster. Brought in because she was bought for a child but it kept biting him. Bella has been fine with the sanctuary staff.


Ring necked parakeet very noisy birds. They will start the noise as soon as it gets light and until you turn the light off and go to bed. Birds produce a lot of dust from there feathers and will drop food all over the floor.


came in with Pip but are separate. Adult female friendly enough brought in by students finishing uni & going back home.

Leaf a Quaker/Monk Parakeet

Parakeets/ birds produce a lot of dust from food and feathers. He is extremely noisy and He is a great escape artist. He does not talk only screams.



We have a large number of large terrapins from 8 inches across to dinner plate size. These will need a water temperature of mid 70 f and a large filtered tank. They cannot live with fish as they will eat them or take chunks out of them no matter what size your fish are. They need well filtered water and regular water changes. They eat terrapin food, shrimps, water cress, meats and spinach. You must wash your hands after handling or cleaning any reptiles due to they carry salmonella. They will also grow bigger than dinner plates and have a long lifespan. They cannot live in an outside pond.


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