We will always take our animals back if you do not get on with them


It may take weeks, months or Years for an animal to settle down.

Same Daily Routine is the most helpful in settling down your new adoptee quickly.

Daily exercise is most important preferably at the same time and before feeding.

We will always be registered on the animals Microchip details

We have more animals for Adopting companion ponies, dogs, cats, rabbits

Older animals, staffies, rotties, greyhounds and black and white cats are really hard to home. Please give them a chance colour or type does not make them any less loving. Only the way the owner treats them.

Please remember we can only give you what information we have learned or know about the animals. Some maybe strays or the owners have passed away.

appointments Only for homing

Animals in Distress sanctuary @ Irlam is open to home cats, Rabbits and Rodents. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. There will be 1 appointment a day if you miss your slot then you will have to book another appointment. Please bring an Animal box for your new adoptee.
You will need to be over 21 years and may need proof. You will need a photocopy of your driving license, electric bill gas bill.
Please phone 0161 775 2221 for appointment between 12-1pm
Do not just turn up you will be turned away. please wear a face mask.


she is a 12 year old indoor cat. She is extremely timid and is not a fan of too much going on in the house, she prefers to just have her own quiet time. She is lovely when she gets to know you but very nervous. No children, dogs or other cats. She was given up due to her previous owners having health issues and were no longer able to give her the time she needs.


He was given up due to the owners children being a bit too boisterous with him, they would chase him and pull his tail so hes a little bit nervous and can be a bit cheeky and defensive. We think he will come around in time but he cannot go to a home with children under 16 due to his history. He is not good with other animals and is an indoor cat.


shes a 4 year old female shes a very timid cat to start and scares easily but comes around fast. She is an indoor and outdoor cat however she rarely ventures further than the garden. She loves a fuss but hates being brushed (she is semi long haired) very nice cat more suited to a home with children older than 12 and no other pets.

has had another urine sample sent off, the results should be back Monday at
latest, they have said she will definitely be on urinary food for the rest of
her life but might not need the meds. 


Needs Patience and time to re adjust to his new surroundings.  He was a feral he just gets scared. A quiet household would suit him nicely.

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