Irlam Sanctuary

Animals in Distress

55 Silver Street



M44 6HT

Tel 0161 775 2221

Charity Number 515886


Emergency Phone 07850 605283


Littleborough Sanctuary

Animals in Distress Field of Dreams

Leach Farm

Swaindrod Lane



OL15 0LE

Tel 01706 371731

Charity Number 515886


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Animals in Distress Reg Charity 515886

Founder Mrs Sylvia Durham









Animals in Distress Field of Dreams works with the Irlam site. Taking in animals for them that are desperate for help when the Irlam site is full. We take cats, rabbits and a few dogs but only emergency ones passing them on to the Irlam sanctuary when they have space. Both sancturies neuter and microchip where ever possible. We take in Donkey, Horses, reptiles, chickens, ducks, geese, many other pet birds that are found or are unwanted and pet farm animals. With these we take in battery hens. These then have a life wandering on the farm till 5pm where they will be put in the spacious chicken shed till the next day. We have many different wildlife hand rears to release and others that have needed vet treatment. Our reptile house is large and holds many types of reptiles in a comfortable large walk in vivariums. The terrapins have a large pond that they can swim in that is filtered and heated.