So Where do you fit in?


These are always gratefully received. The best donations are those on a regular basis in the form of covenants and standing orders - although saving pet food; saleable goods for the charity shops or

If you would like to set up a regular donation, please click the link below


Help is needed generally in the fund raising field. We need people to arrange their own events and people to help at prearranged events. Even if you can just sell some raffle tickets at work or introduce one or two friends to AID as members or helpers, it will go some way to saving an animal's life. Please contact the above number if you can help.


You could also help us raise funds by completing a sponsored even such as a bikers poker run, abseiling or getting hands on in one of our shops.

We are chasing many ways to make funds goods for the shops, animal food, old coins, used stamps, unwanted foreign money, rags, books, metal to weigh in ideas of your own e.g. Street party, coffee morning, cake making and selling at work or with your friends, sponsored events (we will make the forms for you). Tombolas, raffles, football cards, darts night, curry night, collecting your copper and handing it to the Charity the ideas are endless. We need your help to run these idea's to help the animals.

We need newspaper and shredded paper.

Helping with stalls
Sponsored events
Rock Nights
Support for the open days
Sponsor a bin with the council
Dog shows are a fun idea
Dog food run
Sponsored marathon

Sponsored by companies.

Animals in Distress was Founded in 1967
registered charity number 515886
Affiliated to the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust