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Our 24hr emergency work is the most difficult, costly and unpredictable. The majority of cases stem from road accidents and owners are rarely found. The animals are examined by a vet and if too badly injured they have their suffering ended by a painless injection. Most are treated and kept to convalesce before being neutered and re-homed. This can be expensive, as a broken leg can cost over £250 and an x-ray around £60.

24 hour emergency service 07850 605283 Emergency Only

Other cases include cats up trees or on roofs; dogs in rivers; and animals that have got themselves into various difficulties such as stuck in a central heating system. The telephone is on the go 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The Police, Social Services, the Dog Warden, the public and other animals societies call us out. Because many are passed on by other organisations we feel that we are the end of the line and we are reluctant to refuse any call.

From experience we know that if we refuse people they may merely abandon an animals, thus leading to a bigger problem. Due to this we are taken advantage of regularly, often by use of emotional blackmail or animals left on the yard. However, our concern is for the animals and if we can help we will.

Animals in Distress do many different animals between the two sanctuaries.

Some of the Types of Animals the sanctuaries has dealt with

This little guy will have to spend the winter with us as he is underweight and will not survive the cold. But will be released in the spring summer months.


Tawny Owl on eye treatment before being released

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Animals in Distress was Founded in 1967
registered charity number 515886
Affiliated to the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust